Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fazila & Wan Wedding Props

A prop doesn't have to be a posing prop from a supply house, it can be anything the couple likes. I'll post some examples...

Date of  Bersanding...

Its a Lip,  Moustache & a Sweet Glasses.

Name of Pengantin & Date


Paper Bag with name of  Pengantin

You Are Invited.. this is special made for wedding card..

This is a few sample of my craft props. 
For the girls, a bouquet of flowers can be an effective prop with the right posing. Colorful  umbrellas, balloon, colorful fan, have been used as props in many weddings, by guys or girls. I saw one cool shot from one of professional photographer blog where the grooms had a few of cute props.  So I decided to make a simple wedding props for my bestfwen.. It looked SO cool. Hihihihi (prasancikijap)

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